One the best choices my wife has made coming to Far East acupuncture, she had made a great record after her car accident since she has started. Her pain that she had in her back and shoulders have decreased  dramatically right after  her first visit.
I highly recommend anyone who is feeling any back pain or stress to come try it out.
There staff is very friendly and work well with tight schedules. They truly go above and beyond for there patients. Thank you Far East Acupuncture!

Michael E.

I have a problem that I have had for six years.  I seen my primary doctor and three neurologist.  They were giving me medicine that kept giving me headaches, dizziness, and I was unable to get any sleep.  I was unable to use their medicines for more than three or four days.  I was feeling worst. Finally after discussing this with my husband, I decided to try acupuncture.  We found a physician office close to Palm West Hospital in Loxahatchee, Florida.  The short time since I’ve been going to Far East Acupuncture, I feel seventy percent better.  Dr. Chi explained to me that this problem was on-going for six years, that it would take a little while to reverse the cycle.  I have shared my experience with my friends who because of their pain went to Far East Acupuncture also. I am very glad they are happy with their results.

Natalia B.

I watched my wife in pain for six years.  She went to doctors and they gave her pills that just added to her pain.  They treated her like an experiment. Finally she said to me I want to try acupuncture. I called five acupuncture offices only to get an answering machine. I left my message on all of them and when my wife came back to the car I received a call from Far East Acupuncture. We went right away. Dr. Chi took us in right away.  After he finest treating my wife, I told him I hurt my back the day before when my harley fell over. Dr. chi took me in his treatment room and in less than five minutes all my  pain was gone.  I never visited an acupuncturist before and I just want to say that the gentleness and kindness this doctor showed me is what is  needed in healing and treatment of any disorders. D.r chi is well educated and is concerned in healing and not any thing else. I was surprised not to have to pay for pain medicine or a copayment.  If you’re  looking to rid yourself of pain or any disorders, please give yourself a big help and go to this doctor for relief.

John B.